Monday, 13 August 2012

HQ Grass Vol.01 ...... Beautiful 3D models of real plants!

Hello dear members ..
(HQ Grass Vol.01) From the title, we find that it describes itself as a beautiful 3d models of real plants!
It is a large collection of 3d models of real plants.
Specifications and features of this release :-
- High detailed 3d models.
- Real geometry , no alpha maps.
- Fast render.
- optimized shaders ( V-ray and Mental ray ).
- Realistic materials.
- One link to download.

Now you will see some rendered pictures from this volume .

01 - Bronze Dutch clover

02 - Camomile

03 - Common flowers

04 - Daisy

05 - Dandelion yellow

06 - Dandelion white

07 - Lawn grass

08 - Oxalis or Shamrock

09 - Timothy grass

10 - Wild grass

There is more scenes and models inside the volume.
All the 3d models and scenes are ready for rendering.
Use it to make your 3d scene look like real.
Only one link to download for free ...
                                                     Download - Media fire
Enjoy it and share with your friends ..


  1. Nice grass 3D models you have here!

  2. sorry but how can i add to my library

  3. thank you.This is my 3d blog.You can share my free tutorials

  4. thank you so much for your effort :)

  5. thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank U))))))))

  6. thank you i'm very like it. it's so lovely and helpful :)