Sunday, 6 January 2013

HQ 3D Cars Vol.01

Hello Dear Members.
Today We brought for you HQ 3D cars Vol.01

This package contains : five completely textured 3D cars models ready for rendering.
This volume comes with two kind of formats .
First - 3d max 2009 & vray.
Second - 3d max 2009 & mental ray.

You can download this volume from 1 direct link .

Download It


  1. Perfect ! Your 3D car model is really eye-catching because of the high quality and for my that shine of the 3D car models make them luxuriuos. I love 3D modeling too ! I started with Blender . I am just a starter but I understand now what hard and open hearted work creators do. I really appreciate your work and thanks for sharing it ! What inspire you to start creating 3D models ? For me, inspiration is that I can make some money from my works. And talking about that yesterday I found one site where 3D model creators could sell their 3D models.Check it out .Hope that will be ineteresting for you that too. Maybe you know some other good sites like this one ? Well, that`s for now :) Keep on going ! Good luck !

  2. can I open it in 3ds max 2011?

  3. Boa noite, são lindos os modelos.Mas sou meio pato ainda e estou com dificuldades de carregar os materiais para renderizar.Será que alguém pode me ajudar? Estou usando o max 2012 com vray

  4. thank you very much for your share :) cheers

  5. These are amazing cars, so well moddelled!

    Has anyone else had this issue - when i load one of these cars using "file - open" and then save the file as another name, when I close the file and open it again 3DSM can find two of the maps - HIS_tex.tga and HIS_tires.tga.

    No matter how many times I add the library directory to the MAX file, it always asks for it.

  6. thanks my friend!!!! thanks alot