Saturday, 23 March 2013

Exterior Scene Vol.03 ....

Hello Dear members..
Today we brought for you this fantastic exterior 3d scene, the third one of #exterior 3d scenes category.
You will find in this file a complete 3d residential compound with a beautiful 3d landscape design.
This file working only with 3d max the file extension is .max , and there is 2 files for the 2 shots with maps and materials.
You can download it from one direct link and for free.
The file extension is .max
All the trees and skies made with Photoshop, So you will find the 3d model only in the file.
Ask me if you want the Psd file for that shots.

Enjoy it and share with your friends.

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PSD Files

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Exterior Scene Vol.02 ....

Hello dear members,
Here is the second post of Exterior 3d scenes.
In this volume there is a complicated building design with sloping roofs, But overall the design is excellent.
You will find the complete 3d model of the photo you see but note that :-
There is a lot of missed maps in this file and the file with no rendering settings so you will re apply it.
But the 3d models is perfect you can use it directly.
Download it from one direct link.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

VRay For Architectural Visualization...

Hello Dear members,

For People especially architects who want to learn the v-ray renderer or to be professional in using it,
Here is this course will help you with this.

All videos High Definition.

Download project files 

Course content :

01 - Critical Settings part 01.

 - Irradiance Maps.
 - Image Sampling.
 - Light Cache.
 - QMC GI and Sampling.
 - Environment Lighting and color mapping.
 - V-ray Frame Buffer.

02 - Critical Settings part 02.

 - Light Cache.
 - Quasi-Monte Carlo GI.
 - Color Mapping.
 - Environment Lighting.

03 - Vray materials.

 - Reflection.
 - Refraction.

04 - Animating static scenes

 - Animating with QMC, Irradiance Maps and Light Cache.

05 - Using HDRI.

 - Illuminating scenes with HDRIs through the environment channel and with a VRay light.

06 - Using Vray Lights.

 - V-Ray lights (plane, dome, sphere)
 - Standard and photometric lights.
 - V-Ray shadows.
 - V-ray light material.

07 - Advanced features part 01.

 - Progressive Path Tracing.
 - V-Ray Frame Buffer.
 - V-Ray Physical Camera.

08 - Advanced features part 02.

 - System Management.
 - V-Ray Proxies.
 - V-Ray Fur and Displacement.
 - V-Ray Blend and Override Materials.
 - V-ray Dirt and Toon.

09 - Practical Exterior.

 - Practical Exterior Lighting.

10 - Practical Interior Part 01.

 - Practical Interior Lighting.

11 - Practical Interior Part 02.

 - Practical Interior Lighting.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Interior Scene Vol.03 ....

Hello dear members,
Here is the third post of Interior Scene.
This 3d scene contains about 5 shots that yo can switch between them with the cameras in the scene.
This 3d scene work with 3d max 9 or higher, The used renderer in this scene is vray renderer.
This voulme contains all the maps, proxies and IES lights.
Download all this with one direct link, For free.

Note : The maps need to be reapplied.

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

3D Models Vol.06

Dear members,

Here is volume no.06 of 3D Models.
Contains :-

01- B&B landscape.

Jeffrey Bernett, 2001

A suspended structure placed on a nickel-ed or graphite varnished metal base creates the minimalist design which provides the Landscape chaise lounge with its decidedly light appearance.

02- Cappellini Fish chair.

Satyendra Pakhale, 2005

Small plastic armchair entirely manufactured with the rotational technology.

03- Classicon, Styx.
Alexander Taylor, 2008

What is unusual about Alexander Taylor's Styx Table is its substructure of folded steel bands, which bulges before it meets the floor. The glass plate seems to float on top, fixed in place by a strong magnet that eliminates the need for any elaborate anchoring.

04- Dark, Tsjoepy S.
Anthony Duffeleer

CDM-R (35 W) or HALOPAR-20 (50 W)

05- Dune, Defender.
Michael Solis, 2000

Ottoman upholstered with poly-urethane foam over M.D.F. Satin nickel plated chrome base. Multiple units can create endless configurations.

Notes :- All models available with ( .max - .3ds - .dwg - .obj ) Extensions.
Share it with your friends.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

3ds Max 2013 - Animation Polishing Techniques..

Hello dear members,

Today we give you this set of 3ds Max videos.
We will learn techniques for polishing animations in 3ds Max 2013.

This training provide you with tips that will help you to maintain control over your character's performance with saving time.

Course Details :-
Run Time: 1 hour.
HD Videos 720 p.
Required Software: Autodesk 3ds Max 2013.

Download project files 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rendering Techniques ( Cinema 4D )....

This course introduces :-
- The many advanced features of the CINEMA 4D rendering and lighting tool sets.

- Discover how to better simulate real-world surfaces, photography, and lighting scenarios.
- How to add realistic shallow depth-of-field effects with the physical renderer, use blurry reflections to create a type treatment, and light scenes with HDRI photographs and global illumination.
- Plus learn tricks for achieving similar effects under tight deadlines.

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Monday, 4 February 2013

3D Models Vol.05

Hello dear members

Today we post new volume of 3d models.
It contain :-

1- Black Betty Chair
Fillippo Dell'Orto, 2003
Chair with steel legs and hard polyurethane shell, lacquered with scratchproof embossed paint in the same colour (red, black or white). Seat upholstered and covered with fabrics and leathers in catalogue.

2- Vitra MVS Chair
Maarten Van Severen, 2000

Although MVS looks like a sculptural object at first glance, as soon as you use it you realize just how comfortable it is. The soft, elastic upholstery fits the body's contours, making it an extremely comfortable recliner. The frame construction makes it easy to shift from a sitting to a lying position.

3- Vitra, Cite Armchair
Jean Prouve, 1930

Cite Armchair is one of Prouve's early masterpieces, designed for a competition for furnishing the halls of residence at Nancy's cite universitaire. Prouve himself used this armchair with its dynamic appearance, its characteristic coated sheet steel rockers and broad leather arm support straps in the living room of his house. Moulded sheet steel base, seat and back in single-piece fabric or leather cover, armrests made of natural leather straps. 84 ? 68 ? 95 cm

4- Vitra, LCW and DCW Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1946

Charles and Ray Eames spent many years experimenting with new processes for optimizing the way three-dimensionally moulded plywood fits the contours of the body. The result was the Plywood Group, with its moulded plywood seat, backrest and base. The organic shape and the wood's cosy warmth invite users to sit down and relax.
LCW = Longe Chair Wood
DCW = Dining Chair Wood

5- Vitra, Monopod
Jasper Morrison, 2008

Jasper Morrison’s Monopod is a sculptural peice, vaguely reminiscent of primordial stone or wooden objects. The Monopod stands sturdily, tapering with an elegant curve to a wedge-shaped backrest. As a small visitor armchair, the Monopod is a companion for sofas and larger armchairs, and in public areas thanks to its solidity can be used in lounges and reception areas. The structure of the armchair, with its plastic shell upholstered on the inside means that the Monopod retains its precise shape even if used for lengthier periods and is very comfortable.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

3D Models Vol.04

Hello dear members ..
Today we are continuing this category with 3D models Vol.04.
This volume contains five 3d  models of famous furniture.
- First one for Marcel Wanders the model called ( Cappellini New Antiques ) designed in 2006/2007.

- Second one for Eckart Muthesius, this one called ( Satish) designed in 1931.
Description : Frame of chromium-plated steel tubing. Upholstery: polyurethane with polyester filling on a beechframe. Cover in leather.
The palace of Maharajah Shri Yeshwant Rao Holkar Bahadur was placed in the far Indies, yet it was equipped with the latest in modern finesse from a western life. This included a billiard room and a bar in an avantgarde style where the walls shimmered blue and silver and stainless steel, lacquer and leather were the dominating materials. The bar stool designed by Eckart Muthesius for this place, is even today, nearly 70 years later, a fascinating and individual design and could be placed in any modern scene-bar. A true modern classic never dies.

- Third one called Clou.

- Fourth one New antiques restaurant table, Cappellini
Marcel Wanders, 2006.
Series of rectangular and square dining tables. Top is manufactured in highthickness wooden honeycomb, matt lacquered in white or black colours. Capital legs available in turned polish natural aluminium or in baydur ® matt lacquered in the same colours of top.

- Fifth one is Shadow, Cappellini
Christian Ghion, 2001.
Chaise longue with metal structure and moulded polyurethane foam, fixed cover in fabrics and leathers of the collection. Satined stainless steel base.

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Introduction to mental ray in 3ds Max 2013

Introduction to mental ray in 3ds Max 2013
Intermediate | 3h 15m.
Project Files 23 MB.
Required Software: 3ds Max 2013.

Having a solid understanding of mental ray’s core features, and how they work, is a crucial step toward becoming an efficient and productive rendering artist in 3ds Max. We will begin our training in this series of tutorials by learning two different methods for simulating realistic indirect lighting in 3ds Max.
The first method will use global illumination, then we will learn about the second method using final gather.

We will also explore how you can use caustic photons to simulate the detailed light patterns that are created when light passes through refractive surfaces. In addition, we will also explore Image-based lighting techniques, we will learn how to minimize rendering artifacts such as final gather flickering from our animated scenes, as well as many other tools and techniques that will allow you start generating high quality work for a multitude of projects.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

HQ 3D Cars Vol.01

Hello Dear Members.
Today We brought for you HQ 3D cars Vol.01

This package contains : five completely textured 3D cars models ready for rendering.
This volume comes with two kind of formats .
First - 3d max 2009 & vray.
Second - 3d max 2009 & mental ray.

You can download this volume from 1 direct link .

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