Saturday, 2 March 2013

3D Models Vol.06

Dear members,

Here is volume no.06 of 3D Models.
Contains :-

01- B&B landscape.

Jeffrey Bernett, 2001

A suspended structure placed on a nickel-ed or graphite varnished metal base creates the minimalist design which provides the Landscape chaise lounge with its decidedly light appearance.

02- Cappellini Fish chair.

Satyendra Pakhale, 2005

Small plastic armchair entirely manufactured with the rotational technology.

03- Classicon, Styx.
Alexander Taylor, 2008

What is unusual about Alexander Taylor's Styx Table is its substructure of folded steel bands, which bulges before it meets the floor. The glass plate seems to float on top, fixed in place by a strong magnet that eliminates the need for any elaborate anchoring.

04- Dark, Tsjoepy S.
Anthony Duffeleer

CDM-R (35 W) or HALOPAR-20 (50 W)

05- Dune, Defender.
Michael Solis, 2000

Ottoman upholstered with poly-urethane foam over M.D.F. Satin nickel plated chrome base. Multiple units can create endless configurations.

Notes :- All models available with ( .max - .3ds - .dwg - .obj ) Extensions.
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