Monday, 31 December 2012

Exterior Scene Vol.01 ....

Hello dear members,
Today we star the new category of exterior 3D scenes.
We brought for you today one of the most famous building in the world.
It is the 3D model of  CCTV ( Chinese central television ).
Not only the CCTV building with this volume in the same file you will find about four famous building in the same district.

Notes :-
There is a lot of missed maps in this file but the model is perfect.
Download it from one direct link.

Download It

Thursday, 20 December 2012

3D Models Vol.03

Hello dear members,
Here we get for you the third volume of 3d models.
You will have about five 3d models with high quality details and clear materials.
Each model has more than one extension you can use it with autocad and 3d max , etc ....
Download it for free from one direct link.
Share it with you friends if you like it.

Download It

Friday, 14 December 2012

Rendering Competition No.04 (( Voting )) ...

Hello Dear members,
- Today we start voting for the final stage of rendering competition no.04
- You can vote through the poll in the top right of our site.
- Here is the top ten competitors witch qualified to the final stage.
- Vote for the winners.
- Thanks for all the competitors all over the world.
- Competitors are arranged alphabetically

Here is the results of first stage

Now vote for the winner next top ten :

01- Abhishek - India

02- Dil Johnson - India

03- Hatem Ahmed Sayed - Egypt

04- Hugo Gutierrez - Argentina

05- Kassem Dassouki - Lebanon

06- Mahmoud Salman - Egypt

07- Mangesh Unde - India

08- Nicolas Junco - Spain

09- Odai A.Hamad - Palestine

10- Rajat Bedi - India

Monday, 10 December 2012

Exploring Animation Principles in Maya 2011

Hello dear members.
For peoples who are interested in Maya and animation.
Today we post for you some tutorials for exploring the animation principles in maya 2011.
There is five videos speak about :-

1. Introduction and project overview.
2. How to approach prop animation.
3. A cleaner workflow for animating constrained objects.
4. Rigging props for complex animation.
5. Space-switching without the offset.

we will provide you also with the project files.

Download project files