Sunday, 18 September 2011

3d People Vol.01 (Business Style ) .......

Hello Friends....
Now we have opened this new part of our site. In this part we will focus only on the 3d people (The 3d models for people) only we will try to collect a big library for human 3d models to use it easily and quickly.
always we  need a 3d models for people in our scenes interior or exterior but we always found a problem that the 3d models for the people we put is not like real so it makes the scene worth or some time we put a jpg for a human which make the scene fake ...
But with this part of our site we will post for you some volumes of 3d models for people
There will be business style, casual style, sport style and other
But this 3d models is modeled with full details and also high quality
And there is textures with two types’ high resolution and low resolution depend on your scene and your memory...
We hope it will be useful for you

This is part one contains 10 3d models for people men and women with 20 poses....

          Download -- 4shared
            Download -- Mediafire

This is part two also  contain 10 3d models for people men and women with 20 poses .... and photocopier

                                                                Download -- 4shared
                                           Download -- Mediafire

We hope to enjoy ...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

3d Models Collection Vol.02 ( Helicopters )

Hello friends.
In this special part in our site we want to provide our visitors for a special 3d models with high quality which we always dream to have in our library but we always try to find a models in this category but we always don't find here my friends after the frusta post which was about a collection of 3d models for animals with high quality..
We also here in this post try to provide you with special models.
Today we get the volume of helicopters. In our 3d scene we sometimes need for something to be in the sky like the helicopters in the high building or any scene you imagine.
Also there is an army helicopters to the people who want to model a 3d scene for a war or an air fight or anything like this....
So we hope you enjoy this volume

3d Models Collection Vol.02 ( Helicopters )

Download -- 4shared

Download -- Mediafire

enjoy ... and share our site to your fiends in career 

Sunday, 11 September 2011

3d Models Collection Vol.01 ( Animals )

Over 38  high quality models of animals
Extension  .... 3ds   with materials bitmaps ..
diffuse , noise , specular , glossiness , reflection and other ...

Download -- 4shared

Download -- Mediafire

Over 38 high quality models of animals
Extension is 3ds with materials bitmaps.
Diffuse, noise, specular, glossiness, reflection and other...

3d Models Collection.....
Included are Models and Textures for numerous items in the following categories:

Vol.01 Animals
Vol.02 Architecture
Vol.03 Autos
Vol.04 Aviation
Vol.05 Elect.
Vol.06 Equipment urban
Vol.07 Helicopters
Vol.08 Human
Vol.09 Military vehicles
Vol.10 Modern Design
Vol.11 Motorcycles
Vol.12 Musical Instruments
Vol.13 Optics
Vol.14 Others
Vol.15 Ships Civilian
Vol.16 Ships Military
Vol.17 Signs
Vol.18 tools
Vol.19 Trains
Vol.20 Trucks

It is very easy for using with extension.3ds
You can merge the file with you scene and drag the full option bitmap on it...
Now it is ready for rendering with your scene and with a high quality
We hope you enjoy it.....