Friday, 14 December 2012

Rendering Competition No.04 (( Voting )) ...

Hello Dear members,
- Today we start voting for the final stage of rendering competition no.04
- You can vote through the poll in the top right of our site.
- Here is the top ten competitors witch qualified to the final stage.
- Vote for the winners.
- Thanks for all the competitors all over the world.
- Competitors are arranged alphabetically

Here is the results of first stage

Now vote for the winner next top ten :

01- Abhishek - India

02- Dil Johnson - India

03- Hatem Ahmed Sayed - Egypt

04- Hugo Gutierrez - Argentina

05- Kassem Dassouki - Lebanon

06- Mahmoud Salman - Egypt

07- Mangesh Unde - India

08- Nicolas Junco - Spain

09- Odai A.Hamad - Palestine

10- Rajat Bedi - India


  1. Nice to meet everyone! Congratulations for your jobs and keep working!
    Hugo Gutierrez - Bit 64 - Buenos Aires (render n° 14)

  2. ..nice to meet you too.!'s a good job of all..bye.!
    Claudia - 07

  3. Yeah, such a pleasure to competitite with such talented people ;) Number 21 :)

  4. Good work everyone but i will vote for no.6

  5. its really great works for all,,nice work no.09 :)

  6. its always great to stand with such talented people, there is lot to learn.. Great job guys..wish all the best to all of you..

    Abhishek, India